French Online Gaming Revenue Increased in Q1

by Administrator

ARJEL, French Regulator has published the results for Q1 2020. The online gaming revenue fr Q1 2020 has grown 22% year by year. According to the official figures, of the GGR for the first quarter ending on 31st March 2020 rose to €435mn. Poker has amounted for 23% of the total GGR and is up by 4%. Sports betting has represented by 60%. It is down by 2%.

The Poker GGR grew by 44% to a record €98mn. Interestingly, 30% of the revenue came in the last two weeks of the quarter after the live sport was suspended. The poker activity grew by 180% after that. The weekly average players grew by 37% to 374,000.

The Sports Betting GGR grew by 18% to €263mn. However, the wagers were down by 4% to €1.22bn. This is the first decline in as many as nine years. The French Ligue 1 and 2 were suspended from March 13 and got eventually canceled in April. The aftermath of the cancellation impacted sports betting.

The sports bet was down by 40% after the suspension. However, the average players’ account increased by 2% to 655,000 for Q1. However, only 220,000 were active in the last couple of weeks of March.