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Celebrating our 48th Year


Paul Jason​


​​Susan  Jason​, PRESIDENT

PGRI Public Gaming Research Institute had its start in 1971.  With the mission of serving and supporting the games-of-chance industry. That mission has include publishing print magazines and producing conferences. Our focus now and for the future is to continue be the preeminent digital resource for news and information in the industry.

PGRI websites,  CasinoGamingPGRI.com,  iGamingPGRI.com,  Publicgaming.com 

Our Digital products include a 3X weekly e-newsletter. As with ALL of our digital products, subscription for the e-newsletter and access to all sections and functionality of the websites is FREE. Our mission to connect with the broadest possible audience is best served by making our  products as accessible as possible.
The end result is massive audience engagement – to the tune of 750,000 page-views a month on average.
Just e-mail your e-mail address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start receiving your PGRI e-newsletter and all press releases, articles, opinion pieces, etc. 
Public Gaming Research Institute (PGRI) is much more than a news aggregator. For one thing, the news is curated so you can quickly get to what is most relevant to you. For another, we produce original content in the form of in-depth interviews, editorials and articles, and video presentations. We work hard to add the background, perspective and context to help our audience gain insight as well as information. That includes guidance from industry leaders and analyses from legal and political experts prepare us for the future.   Serious exploration of issues
like how gaming operators are adjusting to rapidly changing player lifestyles and game styles and preferences, what’s happening in the public policy, regulatory, and legislative fronts all around the world, trend lines driving our industry, how to innovate and develop the next generation of games while continuing to engage the core players, and much more. It includes Archives and searchable databases on publicgaming.com and pgritalks.com